About Sigita

Sigita Kupaca
Sigita is originally from Europe, Latvia. Growing up in country where natural medicine has always been a part of people lives, she developed a deep interest in plants and natural foods. Sigita is a big believer in Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Sigita started developing an interest in natural healing after reading Howard Straus’ book about Dr. Max Gerson, “Healing the hopeless”. Travelling to San Diego USA and then Mexico to the Gerson hospital to see how the therapy is implemented and how patients respond, and after staying at the Gerson clinic for 2 weeks she was truly convinced the therapy works and the Gerson principles about the body’s self healing can be used in any condition. After this wonderful experience she decided to study at SPCNM and gained her bachelor degree in Natural Medicine.

Sigita has a special interest in herbal teas, she always has advice “up her sleeve” as to which dry plant can become a herbal tea to drink. At her clinic she specializes in fatigue, weight loss program – to change long lasting habits, nutritional advice, digestive and liver health. Sigita uses hair testing to help to find the food intolerances or mineral or vitamin deficiencies of each individual client.

Sigita teaches how to create a healthy shopping basket – incorporating which brands and shops to use for every day food shopping.

Cancer patients are welcome to come and learn more about Gerson therapy and nutrition.
At her clinic Sigita uses practitioner only supplements, herbal teas, and herbal tinctures. To help people to faster recover from any health condition Sigita advises patients to use yoga and breathing elements.

Each patient is provided with their own programme and follow up consultations can be held through skype or email or personal visits. Our website is continually updated with new ideas and different advice programs for general well being and disease prevention.