Sigita KupacaAlternative treatments and nutritional advice from your Newmarket based naturopathic doctor

Sigita Kupača is a naturopathic physician with a bachelor’s degree in Natural Medicine. Her clinic Health Solutions Natural has been operating for many years. Sigita is originally from Latvia in Europe where natural medicine has always been a part of society. Sigita has always had a deep interest in plants and natural food and is a big believer in the Hippocrates philosophy of “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Sigita set up her Auckland naturopathy clinic to share her skills and knowledge about Gerson therapy, weight loss programs and good nutrition with her clients. She offers naturopathic solutions to help with fatigue, weight loss, liver deficiency, and poor digestive health. Sigita has a huge passion for herbal teas and tinctures and uses practitioner only supplements in her treatments. Her treatments and advice help clients make long lasting changes to their lifestyles to give them a lifetime of better health.

Each client is provided with their own programme and follow up consultations can be held through skype, email or personal visits. Our website is continually updated with new ideas and ongoing advice about general well being and disease prevention.