Details and pricing for our alternative medicine therapies


At Health Solutions Natural we provide holistic advice to help you manage any current illnesses and prevent future problems. We offer treatments for the pain management of chronic conditions and provide alternative therapies to complement traditional cancer treatments.
All of our clients receive personalised programmes and ongoing support. You can book a consultation with us at our clinic in Parnell or, if you are outside Auckland, we offer consultations via skype.

Below are further details about the services we offer. If you want to find out more about any of our treatments give us a call on 021945090 for a free, confidential discussion.


  • GERSON THERAPYClick here for a introduction to what Gerson Therapy is and how it came about.
    Inital appointment $180 NZD.
  • NATUROPATHY – A system of alternative medicine based on the theory that disease can be successfully treated or prevented without the use of drugs, by techniques such as control of diet, exercise, and massage. rather than drugs. During your initial consultation we find out what your health goals are then give advice and treatment recommendations to help you achieve them. Appointment costs range from $90 – $180 NZD, time dependent.
  • SKYPE CONSULTATIONS – We provide a health questionnaire for you to complete before the consultation and treatment plan and products will be delivered to you via courier.
    30min – $80, 60min – $160 plus any products. Contact us via the website to arrange an online appointment.
  • NUTRITION – Get advice about food and how important it is for growth, metabolism, and cellular repair. We provide guidelines about organically grown vegetables, packaged foods and how to shop for the right food within New Zealand. We develop a specific food plan for every client based on the blood type diet which recommends foods to eat and foods to avoid, depending on your blood type. Appointment costs range from $90 – $180 NZD, time dependent.
  • HEALTHY LIVING SOLUTIONS – More and more people are interested in a more sustainable, eco conscious approach to life. It can be hard to know where to start so book a consultation with us for advice on eco living including how to recognise and avoid geopathic energy, the importance of using the correct cooking pots and utensils and how to get the most out of plants in your living space. Appointment costs range from $90 – $180 NZD, time dependent.
  • HAIR TESTING – Hair testing can be used to detect any allergies, food intolerances or nutritional deficiencies. Click on the testing icon (Link to page) for full details of all our hair testing services.
  • ZINC STATUS TESTING – Zinc deficiency can cause fatigue, skin problems and low immunity. We offer free Zinc testing for our clients and can offer it separately or as part of another service.
  • DIGESTIVE AND LIVER HEALTH – Your liver has an impact on all your bodily functions, such as digestion, the hormone cycle, inflammatory disease, allergies and energy levels. Good digestive health can help people manage and reduce the symptoms of chronic conditions as well as improving their overall wellbeing. Book a consultation(contact pg link) with us to find out how you can improve your digestive and liver health by making good food choices and the use of probiotics. Appointment costs range from $90 – $180 NZD, time dependent.