Services and Price

  • GERSON THERAPYClick here for a introduction to what Gerson Therapy is and how it came about.
    Inital appointment $180 NZD.
  • NATUROPATHY – A system of alternative medicine based on the theory that disease can be successfully treated or prevented without the use of drugs, by techniques such as control of diet, exercise, and massage.
    Appointment costs range from $90 – $180 NZD, time dependent.
  • SKYPE CONSULTATIONS – By appointment only, treatment plan and products will be delivered to you via courier, 30min – $80, 60min – $160. Health questionnaire to be completed by client and sent via email before consultation
  • NUTRITION – Advise about food, how important it is for growth, metabolism, and cellular repair. Guidelines about organically grown vegetables, packaged foods, and how to shop for the right food within new Zealand. How to make bone broth and which foods to ignore. Specific food plan for every client. Blood type diet to support the body to heal.
    Appointment costs range from $90 – $180 NZD, time dependent.
  • HEALTHY LIVING SOLUTIONS – Advise on eco living, sustainable life approach, and how to recognize and avoid geopathic energy. Importance of using the correct cooking pots and utencils. How to use plants around living space.
    Appointment costs range from $90 – $180 NZD, time dependent.
  • HAIR TESTING – see testing icon for options
  • DIGESTIVE AND LIVER HEALTH – Your liver health impacts all your bodily functions, such as the digestion, the hormone cycle, inflammatory disease and allergies and energy maintenance. Supporting the digestion helps to resolve any other chronic condition and combined with the right food choices and probiotic use, will lead to achieving fantastic results for chronic condition prevention protocol and general well being.
    Appointment costs range from $90 – $180 NZD, time dependent.