Hair Testing

Visit our Parnell clinic for hair analysis testing in Auckland

Hair mineral testing is easy, quick and gives you detailed information about your health. Hair analysis can be used to indicate any potential allergies or food intolerances you may have as well as identifying any environmental toxins or chemicals that you have been exposed to. We explain the test results in an easy to understand way and provide personalised treatment recommendations based on your results.

We offer three main hair analysis tests onsite at our Auckland clinic.

OPTION 1 – Full hair test with a 25 page report. The hair is tested in Germany and looks at- Antioxidants, Vitamins, Parasites and Viruses, Nutrition, Toxins, Minerals, Microbiology, Fatty Acids EFA and EMF (radiation).
We take 8 hairs including the hair follicle and the results are back within 48hrs for a cost of $180 NZ Dollars.

OPTION 2 – To find out food intolerances and body reaction to chemicals from the environment and food. Hair has to be cut from your back scalp and sent to the testing laboratory. It is tested in NZ and the results are back within 14 days for a cost of $130 NZ Dollars.

Organ Testing- Hair TestingOPTION 3 – Organ information hair testing. This test provides information on the stress on major organs of the body. A comprehensive profile for each organ is provided as well as a full report, which provides an analysis and discussion of the results. The results are interpreted holistically and in accordance with natural medicine practices. Hair has to be cut from the back of your scalp and sent to a NZ testing laboratory. The results are back within 14 days for a cost of $130 NZ Dollars.

Zinc Status Testing

Zinc is found in every tissue in our body, so even a small deficiency can cause health problems such as:

  • decreased immunity and
  • slow wound healing
  • skin problems
  • acne
  • fatigue mental and physical

Our zinc testing is done free of charge and we use the zinc tester Orthoplex which is a practitioner only nutritional supplement. Our clients are given 10ml of liquid to be held in the mouth for 10 seconds then swallowed. They then describe what they tasted and the practitioner grades the response in one of four categories to give an indication of the status of zinc present in the body.

Ketostix test (part of weight loss programme)

To test for ketones – indicator for of fat mobilisation for energy
Convenient urine test with results in seconds
To provide motivation and indication that fat burning is occurring throughout the treatment is followed correctly. Trough the dip test area of strip in urine. Compare test area to colour chart. Test perform at home.
Cost $18.00

Omega-3 Index Test

The Omega -3 Index Test is a simple on- the- spot finger – prick test that measures the percentage of EPA and DHA in red blood cell fatty acids.
Helps to discover internal inflammation levels in body, and if
Omega- 3 is on low levels – dosage of supplementation. Helps with identifying risk of other health problems.
Cost – $130.00

MetaBiome Microbiome

Test only provided by laboratory in Australia.
This Test sequencing of the gut microbiome. Providing a complete picture of the bacteria within the gut and their functional potential.
Requires Bristol stool sample Sampling Kit is provided by practitioner and taken home by client to perform sample test at home.
Test results helps to find out any problems with digestive system including large intestine.
Cost $650.00