Hair Testing

– Full hair test on 25 pages done in Germany. Test includes full – Antioxidants, Vitamins, Parasites and viruses, Nutrition, Toxins, Minerals, Microbiology, Fatty Acids EFA, EMF (radiation).(We take 8 hairs including hair follicle, results within 48hrs)
Cost is $180 NZ Dollars

OPTION 2 – To find out food intolerances and body reaction to chemicals in environment and food. Hair have to be cut from your back scalp and sent to testing laboratory. (We receive results at 14 days, done in NZ )
Cost is $130 NZ Dollars

Organ Testing- Hair TestingOPTION 3 – This test provides information of stress on major organs of the body. A comprehensive profile for each organ is provided with the hair test results as well as a fully comprehensive report, which provides an analysis and discussion of the results. The results are interpreted holistically and in accordance with natural medicine practices. Hair have to be cut from your back scalp and send to testing laboratory. (We receive results at 14 days, done in NZ)
Cost is $130 NZ Dollars

Zinc Status Testing

We use Orthoplex Zinc Tester, a practitioner only nutritional supplement – patient is given 10ml of liquid had to be held in the mouth for 10 seconds then swallowed. Patient is then asked to describe what they tasted and the practitioner then grades test response in one of four categories, giving the practitioner an indication of the status of zinc in body. Treatment is provided after test performed with practitioner only products.
Zinc Testing is Free

Zinc is found in every tissue in our body, so even a small deficiency can cause health problems as:

  • decreased immunity and
  • slow wound healing
  • skin problems
  • acne
  • fatigue mental and physical