Winter Wellness

Winter Wellness

Winter has arrived bringing sharp winds and cold rain from the South and our houses need to be and warm cozy. The best way to start the winter is by looking after our selves.

Here are some important tips and advice for you from Sigita:

  • Why you shouldn’t heat the bedroom – the best way to rejuvenate the body is while we are sleeping the body needs to receive oxidants through fresh air into the lungs and the blood stream.
  • Keep your feet warm - they are directly connected to the upper respiratory system
  • Make sure your immune system is working well:
  1. Take care of your digestive system – drinking bone broth every week as lunch or a light dinner, if your stomach is bloating introduce sauerkraut in salads or just 1 tea spoon per meal. If you feel food is staying in your stomach area and making you tired and sleepy after a meal you may have to be prescribed probiotics (recommended practitioner only products).
  2. Karry Bone’s (Australia) is a great advocate of Echinacea – from a plant, which originally comes from America and used by Native tribes. 20th century Echinacea is very popular in Europe. Echinacea Premium increases white cell count purpurea root boosts the number and function of natural killer (NK) cells. During the Winter I would recommend that you use the MediHerb product Echinacea tablets for 3-5 month.
  3. Remember that vitamin D is important so go out walking for a minimum of 30 minutes, no sunglasses as sun gets absorbed trough the pupils. Supplements are not recommended unless it is discovered (blood test) that you have a deficiency way below normal.
  4. We should look after our zinc levels too as zinc deficiency can affect

our skin (teenager acne, thrush), nails, hair, brain (foggy brain), lethargy. Health practitioners and some pharmacies stock a Zinc tester please test your self and if you are low then take zinc support 14-8 mg daily.

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